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Photo Field in SugarCRM

With SugarCRM’s customizable structure we can create this functionality on our own. After this tutorial we could add a photo to a lead, account, or any other module. First, we need to create three files which will tell Sugar how to display the field on the edit and detail views. 1.1 – custom/include/SugarFields/Fields/Photo/DetailView.tpl {if !empty({{sugarvar key=’value’ string=true}})} <img src=’cache/images/{$fields.{{$}}.value}_{{sugarvar key=’value’}}’ …

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Google – Calendar Integration With Sugarcrm

Check that you have a Publish Key. This should be a random mixed character sequence. Copy the entire entry labeled: iCal Integration URL Now open your Google Calendar. In your calendar left sidebar, pull down the menu next to ‘Other Calendars’, select ‘Add by URL’ After you complete this task you will see Google calendar import your initial feed from …

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Google Map Integration With Sugarcrm

This can be done to any module in SugarCRM, whether it is a custom or any other module, that has an address field on it. You will need to have access as an administrator to access the Sugar Studio, where we are going to create the integration. We will be creating a new field type called an iFrame. The “iframe” …

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SugarCRM Account vs Contact

This article shows you the difference between Account and Contact in SugarCRM. An Account is a business organisation/entity that you want to have business with. A Contact is a real person whose details have been obtained through phone calls, emails or etc. to the Account (company) Hence, an account can have more than one contact. In SugarCRM, the correct procedure …

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SugarCRM ZIP Error(0) Status(0) Archive

This post shows you how to fix this error. This error happens when you try to zip the whole folder. To fix this, you should zip only the files inside. Hence, you have to make sure when you open the zipped files, you should be able to see only files such as metafile inside, not a folder.

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