SugarCRM SMS Integration

CRMCreatorsSMS Integration

Reach your prospects on the Go! Integrate SMS with your SugarCRM.
Customized CRM module allows you to easily send SMS’s directly from within any CRM, to any of your Contacts, Leads, or Users in the system. An SMS can be created in CRM just like an Email or a Phone Call from the Activities menu, or it can be created via a workflow. Each SMS activity can be sent to multiple recipients at a time, to any combination of Contacts, Leads, and Users.

Once you have created your SMS message, you can quickly and easily send the SMS by simply clicking the ‘Send’ button on the ribbon to Save and Close the SMS record.

You could also send mass SMS to a list of users at once. The SMS Activity will then be visible under ‘History’ on each of the recipient’s records.
SMS Can be Useful For

  • Appointment Reminders
  • Overdue Invoice Notifications
  • Informing of Case Resolution
  • Reminding to Follow up on Leads
  • Sending Bulk SMS’s to Customers

Watch this 2 minute video, how quickly and easily you set up SMS Functionality in your SugarCRM System